Top 7 Ways: To Not Be the “Crazy Girl”


Throughout your life, it’s probably inevitable that you will come in contact with something that’s called “a date.” And if you do this “date” right, you just might come out of the situation with someone that you’re consistently “dating.” It’s one of the many pleasures in life, but it’s pretty depressing that this pleasure can quickly be killed by the typical girlish habit of letting the “crazy girl” inside of us all roam free. Now, you can either keep your cool and do your own thing, or you can give permission to your inner crazy girl to disintegrate any relationship you’ve ever hoped for. Trust me, we’ve all been there, and I am by far so guilty of this action. Typically I’d like to think of myself as a pretty normal, fun person to be around, but bring a boy that I’m super interested in into the picture, and some-how I become a COMPLETELY different person. If you ever think of wanting to be in a normal healthy relationship, you’ve got to keep yourself in-check and follow just a few rules to not let the crazy inside make a monster out of you.

1. First off, make sure it’s a general “Like” that you feel for this guy and not just a “like” in the idea of being with someone. I’ve had too many conversations with my girlfriends who thought they were so totally wound up in the guy, but it turns out they only dug his mustache. Weak.

2. GET OFF OF HIS SOCIAL NETWORKS. I really hate how modern technology makes it so much easier to be an internet stalker. Stop reading his Tweets to find out who he’s hanging out with, and quit looking at the same damn photos of him on his Facebook (chances are, his facial expression hasn’t changed after the first 50 times of you looking at it.). Social media will only make you go crazy if you see things you don’t necessarily like…and then if it upsets you, how exactly are you going to bring it up? “So I saw this photo of you doing a beer bong with this girl back in 2009 that she posted, and tagged you in last Monday at 2:08AM when I was lurking your Facebook..who is she?” Keep your eyes on your own social media! Un-follow him if it makes you THAT crazy!

3. Don’t let your insecurities be the root of all your “fights.” I’ve learned from the past that reading into text messages will only get you in trouble in the long run. If he doesn’t say “I miss you” or “How are you?” the right way, don’t trip. If your friends don’t get under your skin when they don’t always say “the right thing,” you should probably cut the guy some slack when he sends a one word text message. Just because you think he doesn’t like you (after he has made it known 50 million times) because he hasn’t texted you all day, that isn’t always the case. If he didn’t like you, you guys probably would have stopped talking long ago. Also, don’t ask him what’s wrong all the time. People aren’t constantly thinking about their feelings and emotions, just like you’re not constantly thinking about him all the time….CHILL. THE. F*CK. OUT.

4. Chill. If he doesn’t text you back within 5 minutes of your text, remind yourself that he has a life as well. Go live yours. Read a book, drink yourself to sleep (just kidding), go out with friends, or do extra work while you’re home on the couch. It will help keep your mind off of this silly obsession of yours. You don’t need no stinkin’ Xanax!

5. Quit asking all your friends for advice (including this blog post). Everyone has their own opinion about your situation, and it will only fuel your crazy. Get out of their heads, and refer to number 4.

6. Get in your head that your new guy is not like your ex-guy. Not ALL guys are into the notion of cheating. Stop looking for reasons to be upset with the guy you’re dating. One thing I’ve learned about assuming there’s something ALWAYS up with your guy is that 99.9% of the time, your assumptions are wrong. The idea of “dating intuition” is silly. Stop it. You’ll drive yourself crazy.

7. Do your own thing. Dating this guy is only a small percentage of your life. Don’t let your dating life interfere with your work. Trust me, I’ve done it SO much, and it only makes you even CRAZIER. You’re successful, attractive, and well-liked. Don’t let your dating life define who you are. If things don’t work out, your city won’t blow up. Keep your cool, and keep yourself. As much as you like your dude, always ALWAYS keep your life going.

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