Takashi Murakami Discusses Art, Humanity and Spirituality



Since the early days of his artistic career Takashi Murakami has openly expressed his frustrations with the global collective’s consumerist mindset as seen through his personally coined “super flat” approach that blurs the lines between the low and high arts. His creations, although quite vivid in color and imagination, generally offer dark undertones that scrutinizes the superficial world to the point it further saddens rather than inspiring those to enlightenment. During his “Arhat” exhibition at LA’s Blum & Poe Gallery, Murakami sat down with Nowness to discuss his latest showing, his film Jellyfish Eyes and the shift that is occurring in his work where its now centered on the promotion of spirituality and healing those around him. After viewing the above video, jump over to our recent HBTV interview with the global art icon as he further details his paintings, sculptures and debut feature film.


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