No Basic Beats: Cults


I’m quite the blog troll these days since there’s always a laptop strapped to my hand. It’s pretty much become a hobbie of mine, but I tell myself everyday that it’s a totally relevant hobbie since I always stumble upon the greatest things out in the cyber-world. I also happen to be quite the late night music troll. With my bad insomnia, and habit of getting bored quickly, I always find myself on the look out for brand new music to add to my playlist. However, when I find a band that I absolutely LOVE, they forever tend to stick to the top of my playlist. Like the band Cults, for example. I started obsessing over them a year ago, and haven’t turned off the “play” button since. Recently they played during the cold and rainy “Boston Calling” music fest, and couldn’t take my eyes off of their performance. Get to know Cults now, and be sure to add them to your playlist!

Click here to view the embedded video.

cults 1

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