Makeover Your iPhone: A Case Study


Riri looking badass as usual with a Tupac iPhone case. Soon available in t-shirt form on Miss KL.

Tech junkies rejoice! iOS7 is coming out for iPhone generations 4-5 as well as other Apple products and this is apparently a good thing. I say “apparently” because I don’t really know anything about iOS7. My friends were all raving about it and twitter was abuzz so I could surmise that this was a pretty big deal. A quick look on the homepage taught me that upgrading iOS7 would mean a new design and new features, AKA a general enhancement of all the apps on the iPhone. So even if you’re anything like me and your extremely technologically exceptional phone is reduced on the daily to nothing more than an apparatus for checking facebook, it sounds like this upgrade would still be beneficial.

In light of a pending internal upgrade for your phone, we definitely would recommend making an external upgrade to your iPhone as well. Sidenote: cute iPhone cases may have been the main reason that I wanted to get an iPhone in the first place. Think my priorities are skewed? The previous paragraph should have probably clued you in to that. But seriously, if you’re looking for a case that is both unique and aesthetically pleasing for different generations of iPhones, check out what’s up and available on the loop.

iPhone case KarmaloopRight: The Notorious iPhone 5 Case in Gold Metal

 Middle: The Cracked Out (Black) iPhone 5 Case by ZERO GRAVITY 

Left:  Scarlet iPhone 5 Case by ZERO GRAVITY 

iPhone cases KazbahYou can also find iPhone cases from our independent vendors on Kazbah.

Right: The High Life iPhone 5 Case by ZERO GRAVITY

Left: The Imagine iPhone 5 Case by ZERO GRAVITY

Not only are these cases awesome to look at but they also protect your phone against damage. And we like that. A lot. But let’s face it, what we really care about are how awesome these cases look! If we didn’t, then we all would probably have Otterboxes on our phones, which admittedly, are very safe but sadly lacking in the cute department. So go ahead and exercise your prerogative for iPhone cuteness with a makeover from the inside out with these protective cases… and iOS7….whatever that is.

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