HUMAN MADE 2013 Spring/Summer Shirts


Ironic as it may be, it’s common knowledge that the Japanese are hard to beat when it comes to Americana. It’s only fitting then, that Japanese streetwear icon and former A Bathing Ape head, NIGO, has produced a collection of Spring/Summer 2013 shirts for HUMAN MADE that hint at American archival clothing, but come updated for 2013 with modern fits and fabrics. Made in Japan by the artisans at WAREHOUSE — the legendary Osaka denim brand known for their meticulous attention to detail and quality — the trio of button-downs featured here are crafted from 100% cotton and detailed with throwback button flap pockets, HUMAN MADE logo patches and prints that separate the shirts from actual museum pieces. In Yankee bear, card and hunting inspired motifs, HUMAN MADE’s Spring/Summer 2013 shirts are available now at our online store.

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