Celebrating a Decade of Billionaire Boys Club with Pharrell Williams


Call it coincidence, but it’s interesting that in the same year of both a lunar and solar eclipse – symbols of planetary harmony – a fashion-forward endeavor of iconic producer Pharrell Williams would also be unveiled to the world. Said project turned out to be Billionaire Boys Club (BBC), which since its debut has yielded unprecedented success, a legion of loyal followers, and a career’s worth of influence. More so a confluence of varying interests than a streetwear label, BBC is presently celebrating its first decade. To commemorate the event, we were invited to speak with Pharrell in New York City about his experiences with the iconic label. The above interview finds Pharrell graciously detailing what has influenced him over the years, giving a shout out to Rei Kawakubo and Ralph Lauren alike, his relationship with Burton, and speaking on the future of an already progressive brand. Enjoy the video above.

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