Apple OS X Mavericks


While a series of developments from Apple‘s annual WWDC conference took Silicon Valley by storm today, lest we forget that one of the drivers behind Apple’s success is a certain facility to their products, seamless operating systems that rarely obscure the purpose of computers – to make things easier. Apple today presented audiences with the latest update to their family of operating systems, opting out of animal-themed nomenclatures for something more radical by introducing OS X Mavericks. Mavericks comes loaded with updates to desktop apps, revamping Maps to include ‘Flyover’ views of city landscapes and incorporate local reviews into computer searches; integrated social sharing with friends in Safari, as well as power-saving features for frequent web browsers (read: all of us); and excitingly, new tags for files – translating file management into something more manageable. For a full look at this exciting development, be sure to check out Apple’s preview of Mavericks, which releases to the public later in the year.

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