Ai Weiwei’s “bang” Installation at Venice Art Biennale 2013


Ai Weiwei has never been one to shy away from adressing and uncovering social and cultural coherences in his astonishing body of work. As an avid collector of various Chinese antiques he began incorporating every-day objects and furniture pieces in his own creative practice as means of adressing the export of cultural values

In China every Family owns at least one three-legged wooden stool, that is passed down through each Generation. However, in the wake of the Cultural Revolution this tradition and the craftsmanship reolving around it gradually disappeared,
His latest work “bang” for the Venice Biennale 2013 sees a total of 886 stools, made by traditional Chinese craftsmen, installed in a vast rhizomatic structure that illustrates the increasing volumes in our world’s megacities. The single stool is meant to portray the individual and its overarching and excessive system in a postmodern world which is developing faster than it can keep up with.

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