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55DSL Fall/Winter 2013 PREVIEW Collection

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(Diesel’s Italian Streetwear Company)

Reinterpret spring with 55DSL’s Fall/Winter 2013 Preview. Think of it as a dark summer full of sinister graphics like a skeleton telling you to “hang 10”, a parrot-raven hybrid, a floral camo print, a Napalm-dusted beach, and a cobra lightning bolt in warm summer hues. Contradictions never looked so cool.

Is it summer or some kind of trippy dream? Pineapple bombs, raven-parrots and Napalm Beach: the theme for guys is summer with a twist. A black blazer conceals a camo-print lining, which is repeated throughout the collection, melding functionality with style. He’s keeping his weirdness under wraps.

Things are just as weird in the girls’ collection. Summer brights and pastels mix on incongruous prints of raven-parrots, skeletal butterflies and wilted flowers on an abandoned beach. There’s also a playful vibe with peek-a-boo layers of chiffon, jumpsuits, all-over graphics, and a “Cute as a bottom ” message on pants buttons. She’s adorably sinister.

Direction and editing: CromaZoo

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